Thursday, May 26, 2011

Lego Skull Instructions

LINK to Zip file of Lego Skull instructions.

NOTE: Excluding black, some parts aren't available in all of the colors shown. See instructions for more information.
NOTE: Some modifications are necessary for open and closing jaw. See instructions for more information.

Made with Bricksmith and LPub. Thanks to Allen Smith and Kevin Clague for all their help.


  1. Oh heck yeah...
    Gonna make that one

  2. Wello done :D!
    I love it :D how about the full anatomy :P?? :D

  3. @ Khaled Wagdy
    Thanks, unfortunately the full anatomy skeleton uses to many hard to source parts, especially the ribcage...

  4. Do you have a composite list of the brick names to go along with the Design ID numbers?? I read over your instructions and think its awesome, but I've stumbled upon pieces not sold anymore, IDs that are different, or colors not available online in the pick a brick. Thank you much!!

  5. Hi Bennett,
    Yes, some of these parts are a bit hard to source, especially on Pick-A-Brick. I compiled my list from parts listed on Bricklink ( ). If you try Bricklink and still find parts that aren't available please let me know and I'll try to give you some alternatives.